German warships for the Saudi regime

This video from Germany says about itself:

German freighter „BBC PARANA“ with two brand new patrol boats passing Kiel-Canal on 30 December 2017. The boats are „As Sulayyil“ and „Umluj“ for the Saudi Arabian coast guard. Build at Peenewerft Wolgast on behalf of Lürssen Shipyard.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today, about Germany:

At the shipyard in Wolgast, patrol boats have been built since 2013 for the Coast Guard of Saudi Arabia

When my bird-watching ship passed the Wolgast shipyard, I saw a Saudi warship being built there.

the kingdom gave the owner of the shipyard, the Lürssen company from Bremen, an order for a total of 33 ships. The yard’s main activity for five years has been that project, apart from some minor jobs for the German armed forces. Fifteen boats from Wolgast are already in the Persian Gulf. …

Dear Volkskrant people: are you sure they are all in the Persian Gulf, for a possible war on Iran? Or are at least some of them rather in the Red Sea as part of the Saudi regime’s famine warfare strategy on the people of Yemen?

For years the leftist opposition have wanted Germany to stop producing military equipment for the Gulf state. But the coalition government of CDU and SPD always looked the other way – despite the country’s involvement in the war in Yemen.

[The Saudi regime‘s murder of journalist] Khashoggi turned out to be the straw which broke the camel’s back. On November 19, Germany decided, without European Union support, to stop this export.

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