‘Dangerous tension between nuclear armed Russia-nuclear armed USA’

This video from the USA says about itself:

Stephen Cohen: This is Most Dangerous Moment in U.S.-Russian Relations Since Cuban Missile Crisis

13 April 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has wrapped up a visit to Moscow, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The meetings come at a time of increased tension between Washington and Moscow. On Wednesday during a press conference, President Trump said relations with Russia had reached a new low point. Trump’s comments came a day after the White House accused Russia of attempting to cover up the role of the Syrian government in the recent chemical attack in Syria that killed 87 people. Russia has rejected the claim, saying the U.S. has been too quick to blame Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. We speak to Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University.

What would a US-European-Russian war look like? Here.

Blaming Russia Helps Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Maintain Power. Apr 20, 2017. By Norman Solomon: here.

78 thoughts on “‘Dangerous tension between nuclear armed Russia-nuclear armed USA’

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