11 thoughts on “Saudi government kills Yemeni civilians with German weapons

  1. Last Friday, two days after Hrafnsson’s appointment, WikiLeaks published a secret document from the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Court of Arbitration that related to a disputed commission payment for a $3.6 billion arms deal between a state-owned French tank and weapons manufacturer and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    The multi-billion-dollar deal involved the sale of 436 French tanks and other armoured vehicles (with German-manufactured motors) that were deployed to Yemen from 2015, and used to back the brutal government offensive against Houthi rebel forces. The ongoing US-backed Saudi-UAE assault on Yemen has led to tens of thousands of deaths and now threatens mass famine. WikiLeaks partnered the story with three European media outlets, Der Spiegel in Germany, Italy’s La Repubblica, and the French Mediapart.

    Der Spiegel explained: “It’s unclear how many of those deaths were because of the tanks the Emiratis sent, but it is possible to reconstruct just how the machines found their way to the Arabian Peninsula. The whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks has published a rare document that pulls the curtain back on the international arms trade.”



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