Solidarity with Greece demonstrators interrupt Angela Merkel

This video says about itself:

Merkel OXI-ed: Greek solidarity protesters heckle chancellor’s speech

4 July 2015

Several activists interrupted the German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s speech, during the CDU open day marking the 70th anniversary of the party, in Berlin, Saturday.


‘OXI!’: Greek solidarity protesters interrupt Merkel’s speech (VIDEO)

July 04, 2015 20:35

A speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel was interrupted by a group anti-austerity protestors, who chanted ‘No’ in Greek in support of a negative vote in Greece’s Sunday’s referendum on whether to accept the harsh bailout demands of its creditors.

The incident occurred when Merkel was just about to begin her speech at an event in Berlin dedicated to her Christian Democratic Union Party’s 70th anniversary.

The demonstrators chanted “OXI,” which means “No” in Greek, and displayed small signs with the same message.

Security officers were quick to remove the protestors, who put up no resistance.

As they were being escorted out of the conference room, Merkel responded to the demonstrators, saying: “In order to balance things once again, we say “Nai,” which means “Yes” in Greek.” …

If the Greeks vote ‘Yes,’ Tsipras’s government is likely to resign, and Greece will have to accept more austerity measures including pension cuts and tax increases.

Pro-Greece rallies STORYMAP: How the world is expressing solidarity with anti-austerity campaign: here.

In this 30 June 2015 video from the Dutch parliament, Marianne Thieme, leader of the Party for the Animals, criticizes the undemocratic European Union policies against Greece.

Caroline Lucas, Friday 3 July 2015, Greece crisis: The Troika’s inflexibility on austerity amounts to nothing short of an attempted coup: here.

By Jerome Roos on July 5, 2015:

As Greece prepares to vote in a historic referendum, a slightly surreal calm has descended over Athens. The optimistic attitude of many activists in the NO camp, especially, contrasts sharply with the ruthless propaganda war of the Greek and international media — not to mention the terror campaign waged by EU officials and the Greek opposition.

For a full week now, the big corporate TV stations here have been bombarding Greeks with images of pure panic and impending catastrophe: shuttered banks, lines in front of the ATMs, empty supermarket shelves, pharmacies running out of drugs, scuffles between protesters and police. On top of this, they have repeatedly shown inconclusive polls that show the vote to be on knife’s edge.

The international media have in many cases ended up uncritically reproducing this narrative of fear and uncertainty, often without double-checking basic facts or warning their viewers and readers about the political agenda of their sources.

Thursday, January 10, 2019. Athens in lockdown as Greek state bans protests for Merkel visit: here.

27 thoughts on “Solidarity with Greece demonstrators interrupt Angela Merkel

  1. Friday, 3 July 2015

    Greek bosses stop wages!

    HUNDREDS of workers and youth demonstrated in front of the Greek Business Association (SEV) building in Athens on Wednesday afternoon demanding that firms pay workers’ wages and stop bullying staff to vote ‘YES’ in next Sunday’s referendum.

    Delegations of ETER (radio technicians) and PEMEN (seafarers) trade union federations participated. In the construction and engineering sections several firms did not pay wages citing the closure of the banks; some firms have put their staff on leave without pay. …

    Large ‘NO’-‘OXI’ banners are being hung on public buildings by the workforce despite managers’ hindrances. Mass rallies throughout Greece for a ‘NO’-‘OXI’ vote are scheduled for Thursday and Friday evenings for the first time with the explicit support of the government party SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left).


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