Saudi royal air force kills Yemeni water purification workers, children

This video from the USA says about itself:

25 March 2014

Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to Bottling Plant Purification Systems. A major company in Yemen will be receiving a Bottling Plant Purification System in March of 2014. The system came complete with a pair of media filters, an ozonation system, an ultraviolet sterilization system, chemical dosing pretreatment, and a commercial reverse osmosis system. As the centerpiece of the system, the commercial reverse osmosis system was selected from our RO-200 series. It is capable of producing 12,000 gallons per day of high-quality permeate from a groundwater feed.

That was two years ago. And now …

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Coalition kills 30 civilians

Tuesday 13th September 2016

THE UN confirmed yesterday that the Saudi-led coalition slaughtered 30 Yemenis during an air raid last weekend.

Arab news broadcaster Al-Masdar reported on Saturday that the coalition had bombed a water purification plant in Beit Sadaan in the Arhab region of Sanaa province, killing 30 civilians.

The report was confirmed by humanitarian co-ordinator for Yemen Jamie McGoldricks who said emergency service workers and children were among those killed by the raids.

Mr McGoldricks said he was “deeply disturbed by the unrelenting attacks on civilians and on civilian infrastructure,” and urged a resumption of April’s UN-declared ceasefire.

Britain and the US continue to sell arms to the Saudi-led coalition despite reports of serious human rights abuses in the Yemeni civil war, writes FELICITY ARBUTHNOT: here.


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