UAE occupiers’ sexual torture of Yemenis

This video from the USA says about itself:

Yemenis Accuse UAE Officers of Sexual Torture Inside Secret Prisons

21 June 2018

A new investigation has uncovered rampant sexual violence against Yemeni prisoners held in prisons run by the United Arab Emirates in Yemen.

The Associated Press reports that in March, 15 officers lined up the prisoners in the southern city of Aden and ordered them to undress before searching their anal cavities, claiming they were looking for contraband cell phones. The prisoners screamed and cried and those who resisted were beaten and threatened by dogs.

Hundreds of prisoners reportedly suffered similar abuse. A Pentagon spokesman quoted in the piece said the allegations were not substantiated. The UAE is a key ally of the United States and has partnered with Saudi Arabia in its military assault on Yemen.

YEMEN FREES JAILED JOURNALIST Authorities in southern Yemen released jailed journalist Adel Al-Hasani, who contributed to international coverage of the crisis in Yemen. HuffPost broke the news of Al-Hasani’s detention on Feb. 8. His six-month imprisonment and mistreatment directly implicate the U.S. and its close partner, the United Arab Emirates. [HuffPost]

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