Saudi-occupied south Yemen, hell on earth

This July 2017 video is called Yemen: The Destroyed city of Aden.

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports about Belgian journalism student Katya Bohdan.

She went to Yemen to study the bloody war in that country.

Translated from the NOS report:

She ended up in Aden for a week at the end of January. Beforehand, people had told her that she would not find anything interesting there, because the port city was supposedly safe and protected by the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Nothing was less true. Large parts of the city have not yet recovered from heavy bombing in 2015. “There is no infrastructure and garbage is everywhere which is no longer being collected.”

Most hospitals are closed and the fire brigade has also been closed down. “The city is very sad indeed, very baffling to see that.”

So, it turns out that the crown prince of the Saudi absolute monarchy, His Royal Highness Mohammad Bin Salman, the instigator of the lethal invasion of Yemen, prefers spending his riches on playing at being King Louis XIV in his extremely expensive fake Louis XIV castle in France, to at least partly compensating the people of Aden for the death and destruction which he brought to their city.

But it would become even worse. A few days after she arrived in Aden, all hell broke loose. Insurgents, who want to have their own state of South Yemen, fought the government army of President Hadi.

NOS TV uses pro-Saudi occupier euphemisms here.

For decades, there was a dictatorship in Yemen, supported by the United States Pentagon and the Saudi autocracy. A massive ‘Arab Spring’ movement of Yemeni people drove dictator Saleh away. Then, the Saudi rulers imposed Saleh’s vice president Hadi as the new president; in elections in which he was the only candidate. In 2015, popular dissatisfaction led to Hadi resigning the presidency and leaving Yemen. However, then the Saudi regime put Hadi under house arrest in the Saudi capital Riyadh, using his name to form a phantom puppet government to justify their occupation of parts of Yemen. Most soldiers in occupied parts of Yemen are from from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf absolute monarchies, not from Yemen itself.

She had to hide from the bloody fights for two days. “Outside it was much too dangerous, we heard constant bombardments and shelling around us.” Yet she did not feel unsafe in Aden. That only came after returning home. “Now that I think about it, it was very intense and very dangerous.”

Saudi-occupied Aden in Yemen’s south is the city of tortured and dead bodies.

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