Fraud firms G4S, Serco still getting British taxpayers’ millions

This 11 July 2013 video from Britain is called Serious Fraud Office to investigate G4S, Serco.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Firms scoop up contracts despite fraud investigations

Wednesday 10th December 2014

The coalition government continued to pour millions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash into discredited security firms Serco and G4S despite the fact that the firms were under investigation for fraud.

A high-powered Commons committee has expressed amazement today that the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Department of Health, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and HM Revenue and Customs all continued to award the two firms work while a Serious Fraud Office inquiry was continuing.

The inquiry was launched after the discovery that the firms had overcharged the government by tens of millions of pounds for services.

Serco was revealed to have been charging fees for “tagging” and supervising released prisoners who were dead or living abroad.

The Commons public accounts committee has conducted an investigation which it said also revealed an “over-reliance” on the two firms and others who operated a monopoly of control of contracted government services.

It said government ministers had created a false impression that all business with Serco and G4S had been suspended during the fraud investigations.

The committee said in a statement: “It was not acceptable for government to give the impression that all business with Serco and G4S was halted while investigations took place, when in fact contracts were extended, new contracts were awarded and negotiations for new business continued.”

Committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge said: “Departments have taken their eye off the ball and placed too much trust in contractors and relied too much on the information contractors supply.”

CNN: LAX STANDARDS FOR HIRED ARMED SECURITY GUARDS “They carry a gun, often wear a badge and might look like police officers. But armed security guards, on patrol at all hours throughout the United States, have lax training standards and haphazard oversight. While a manicurist in California must complete 400 hours of training to be licensed, an armed guard gets authorized after 54 hours, including just 14 hours of firearms training. In 15 states, no firearms training is required at all.” [CNN]

32 thoughts on “Fraud firms G4S, Serco still getting British taxpayers’ millions

  1. The Ministry of Justice, and other authorities of supposed trust, shows the highest authorities have all got their snout in the trough, how is this so? it is so, because these authorities have perks or contacts within these institutes, and make money, we cannot trust any establishment of authority today they are all depraved, this comes from a history of the most powerful countries today, you see corruption on a daily basis, such as the present situation of torture by the Allies, the governments claim no knowledge of this activity, it is on a daily menu that torture existed, I have written extensively on this practice, if I knew so would governments know, such as the Australian government having no regard for its citizens such as Hicks, tortured by the American government, organization, here in Australia, it lacks moral and any spiritual creed, it is the inferior first world country of the first world, the politicians here are creepy individuals dressed in their Italian suits and are full of pretences. This rot extends to all those who live here, the worst of the moral denigration of human beings are all here, you are not able to comprehend this unless you are all part of the political outsider.


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