European, Bangladeshi workers strike for their lives

This 30 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Amazon worker on why he’s organizing a protest against the company over coronavirus safety measures

Christian Smalls, who works at Amazon‘s facility in Staten Island, NY, discusses why he and others are staging a walkout to demand the building be closed due to what they say is the company’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis.

Amazon warehouse workers on New York’s Staten Island plan to strike Monday to call attention to what they called a lack of protections for employees who continue to come to work amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Nearly 100 workers at the facility, known as JFK8, plan to participate in the work stoppage, planned for noon ET. The employees will walk out Monday morning and “cease all operations” until their demands are heard by site leadership, said Chris Smalls, a management assistant at JFK8 and a lead organizer of the strike.

Smalls and other workers said they’ve grown increasingly concerned about coming into work after an employee tested positive for the virus last week. …

The workers want to pressure Amazon to close the facility for cleaning and offer employees paid time off while it’s shut down. Smalls said the facility has continued to run as usual since the employee tested positive. He fears the virus will spread like “wildfire” if no extra precautions are taken. JFK8 is 855,000 square feet and has 4,500 workers.

“Since the building won’t close by itself, we’re going to have to force [Amazon’s] hand,” said Smalls, who is also a member of nonprofit advocacy groups Make the Road New York and New York Communities for Change. “We will not return until the building gets sanitized.”

By Robert Stevens, 1 April 2020:

With 30,000 dead in Europe from COVID-19: Workers strike to demand safe working conditions

1 April 2020

The worsening coronavirus crisis has taken the lives of over 30,000 people in Europe. This is accelerating the class struggle, as workers strike and protest to demand safe conditions.

With employers breaching social distancing measures and often not supplying even the most rudimentary personal protective equipment and hygiene supplies such as sanitisers and soap, strikes and protests have been mounted by Italian and Spanish auto and steel workers, Amazon workers, postal workers, bus drivers, supermarket staff and local government workers.

Bangladesh: Garment workers strike over safety amid COVID-19 crisis. By Wimal Perera, 1 April 2020. The anger of Bangladeshi factory workers is mounting because they are unable to practice “social distancing” in their plants or during transit.

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