1 thought on “Belgian anti-Big Pharma doctor Van Duppen, RIP

  1. “Pharma corporation Eli Lilly could have lowered the price of insulin at any time. It’s already a public health emergency that millions of Americans cannot afford their insulin. Just like the COVID-19 response, it’s time for the government to step in and save lives.”

    There’s already a longstanding health emergency for millions of Americans: the outrageously high price of insulin. After their initial discovery, Canadian researchers sold the patent to insulin for $1.1

    Yet, the reprehensible greed of the pharmaceutical industry has led to years of outrageously high prices. Millions of Americans struggle to pay for their insulin. Many cannot pay. Some die. That’s the formula for how Eli Lilly profits.

    This formula has always worked just fine for Eli Lilly: until now. During a worldwide pandemic, Eli Lilly is arbitrarily deciding to limit the price of its insulin.2 Since millions of Americans already struggle to pay for insulin, finding out that Eli Lilly could have lowered its prices at any point is adding insult to injury. It shouldn’t take people suffering and dying from a pandemic, in addition to the people already suffering and dying from a lack of insulin, to spur action to bring down the exorbitant price of insulin.

    ADD YOUR NAME: Outrageous insulin prices have always been a public health emergency!

    It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many steps the U.S. government could take to lower the price of insulin. If the government needs to act aggressively to stem the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s equally apparent that the government has needed to act boldly to lower the price of insulin for years. The outrageous price of insulin is also a clear threat to public health.

    The U.S. government should commit to begin public production of insulin. Now is the time to unrig the generic market. Now is the time to increase competition. Now is the time to save lives by putting insulin within reach for millions of Americans. Let’s demand that Congress act boldly to meet the moment and save more lives.

    Tell Congress: Now is the time to save more lives by lowering the price of insulin!


    Alex Lawson
    Drug Prices Are Too High


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