German elite soldiers do nazi salute

This 17 August 2017 German TV video is about the neonazi scandal in the German army elite unit KSK.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

German elite soldiers do Hitler salutes at party’

Today, 13:21

Members of the German military elite unit KSK have done the Hitler salute at a farewell party of a commander. They also listened to right-wing extremist music.

This is what the investigative program Panorama of German public broadcasting ARD reports. The broadcaster bases itself on one source, said to be reliable.

At the party it is also said that pork heads were thrown about …

Pork heads, used to mock Jewish or Muslim dietary laws, often play a role in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

The anonymous source, called Anna by the ARD, is said to have been invited by a KSK soldier friend to serve as chief prize for the commander. That meant she would have sex with him.

Anna agreed to this … . Sex did not happen because the commander was said to have been too drunk.

Right-extremist rock band

Later in the evening, at the campfire, music by Sturmwehr, a right-wing extremist rock band, sounded. Just before the chorus, an elderly military man said it was time to raise their right hands and do the nazi salute.

According to Anna, four soldiers obeyed this call, including the commander. There is said to have been an euphoric mood, with singing along to the music massively.


The German army is investigating the events at the party. A spokesman has confirmed to the ARD that indeed pork heads had been thrown about, but as long as the investigation is in progress, they would not make any statements about the music and the doing of the nazi salutes.

It is clear that the KSK and the German army have a big problem if the allegations prove to be correct. The German army was already in the news negatively earlier this year when it turned out that an officer disguising himself as a refugee wanted to commit a terrorist attack in order to incite xenophobia.

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