British Conservative Dominic Cummings COVID-19 scandal

A protester outside the north London home of British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson's senior aide Dominic Cummings, as lockdown questions continue to bombard the Government after it emerged that he travelled to his parents' home despite coronavirus-related restrictions

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Protests outside home of Johnson‘s aide Dominic Cummings following allegations he broke lockdown rules

Campaign group Led by Donkeys demands to know why the PM‘s man is above the law

CAMPAIGNERS protested outside Dominic Cummings’s north London home today following allegations that the senior government aide broke lockdown rules more than once.

Political campaign group Led by Donkeys drove a van displaying a video of PM Boris Johnson’s speech to the country, warning the public to stay at home.

Another protester stood outside his home holding a sign that read: “Why are you above the law?”

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