14 thoughts on “Massive animal abuse in Belgian corporate slaughterhouse

    • I think it is important to look not only at the workers who ill-treated the pigs as part of corporate culture; but also at the bosses who themselves did not touch the pigs, but told the workers that they had to process number x pigs per hour or else …

      • Of course. Some of the most sadistic culprits of animal abuse don’t touch the animals themselves. They pay low wages to others to partake in a system which breeds sadistic behavior toward not only animals that we eat but to other humans as well. This extends to dumping toxic material into bodies of water, air pollution and soil contamination as well as engaging in economic terrorism.

  1. Dear Avaazers,

    Brave activists installed secret cameras in slaughterhouses and filmed animals being hacked, dismembered and decapitated all while alive and conscious!

    Scientists have proved that many animals have the same emotions and awareness as toddlers. It’s time to stop torturing them in this sickening way.

    Thankfully, the secret footage forced governments in France and Israel to require 24 hour slaughter surveillance — and we can take this genius strategy global. If each of us chips in now, Avaaz’ll buy the cameras, fund undercover journalists to get footage, and then run massive exposé campaigns in the media to force governments to make this violence illegal and protect animals everywhere.

    Chip in to use film to stop the sick slaughter:

    Seeing the fear and pain in the eyes of a cow as she is pushed to brutal torture and death is beyond heartbreaking. And to not even take the extra few seconds to sedate and numb her beforehand, just to make a tiny bit more money and kill more animals faster, is inhumane and must be stopped.

    In France activists put cameras in a slaughterhouse that claimed to be “animal friendly,” and showed animals weren’t even being stunned before they were killed. The videos were so shocking, they inspired a national campaign that won a ruling requiring cameras in the places animals are raised and killed for meat, that have to be reviewed by animal welfare experts!

    Whether we eat meat or not, this kind of law stops unnecessary violence AND makes sure our food comes from safe (and sane) farms and factories.

    If we put this plan in action fast, it’s possible to pass this same law for the whole European Union, then bring protections to animals in the US and Canada and across the world. We can move on this now with just a few cameras and with the help of our journalist and animal rights partners, if each of us just donates a small amount today!

    Every time we win a new recognition for the humanity of animals, we come closer to a world where the harmony between humanity and nature is restored. Our campaigning together has already saved massive corridors for elephants and orangutans, seriously cut back whale hunting, and marked the beginning of the end for a brutal dog slaughter. This is our chance to legally end the intolerable suffering of the animals most exploited by humans.

    With hope and respect for everyone in this amazing movement,
    Emma, Alice, Nataliya, Danny, Luca, and the whole Avaaz team


    French parliament votes to install cameras in slaughterhouses (Fox News)

    Cameras to be installed in all slaughterhouses in Israel (Jerusalem Online)

    Israel Moves to Install Cameras in Slaughterhouses to Prevent Cruelty (Haaretz)

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