Belgian animal abusing slaughterhouse wants expansion

This 2015 video is called Abattoir made in France – Alès (English subtitles). It has shocking images of animal abuse.

Animal abuse in slaughterhouses is not limited to France, or to 2015.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Horror slaughterhouse in Tielt wants to expand considerably’

Today, 08:24

The controversial slaughterhouse in the Belgian town of Tielt wants to expand significantly. It plans to slaughter a million pigs more annually, Belgian media report. Now 1.5 million animals annually are slaughtered; it must be 2.5 million if management will have its way.

However, it is questionable whether that will happen, since production at the slaughterhouse is at a temporary halt. Animal rights activists recently filmed undercover at the slaughterhouse. So images have come out of severe animal cruelty.

Even crippled pigs were kicked by aggressive staff, beaten and dragged by their ears on the ground in trails of blood. The meat from the slaughterhouse is also sold in dozens of Dutch upmarket butchers’ shops.

The management of the slaughterhouse months ago asked for permission to expand. Provincial politicians are said to have agreed already, but the municipality of Tielt, according to Belgian media, opposes the expansion.


A Flemish member of parliament believes that the government should stop the expansion and asks his colleagues to demand that. He believes it is too crazy for words that the bosses think about expansion.

8 thoughts on “Belgian animal abusing slaughterhouse wants expansion

  1. Thank you for exposing this horrible cruelty. It goes on all over the world and must be stopped. People need to face reality and admit that this sick, twisted behavior cannot be accepted. People must boycott the livestock industry – or at least seriously cut down their consumption of animals – to reduce animal abuse. It is uncivilized. The people who profit from this belong in prison.


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