China bans Dutch pork because of COVID-19

This 1977 live music video from England is Siouxsie and the Banshees – Carcass.

The lyrics are about a slaughterhouse worker falling in love with a dead pig‘s carcass, leading to his self-mutilation and death.

Today, with COVID-19, slaughterhouse workers’ health and lives are endangered in a different way.

Not only the health and lives of slaughterhouse workers; also of people they may come into contact with.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

China has temporarily stopped importing pork from four Dutch meat corporations that have had coronavirus infections. China is holding back imports from multiple countries following the recent upsurge of the coronavirus in Beijing, the capital. According to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and the meatpacking sector, China may see imports of fish and meat from slaughterhouses where employees are or have been infected with the coronavirus as a source of infection.

The ministry is trying to change China’s minds.

Strokes and mental state changes hint at how COVID-19 harms the brain. New clues emerge about relatively rare, but potentially severe, neurological symptoms: here.

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