Animal abuse in Belgian slaughterhouse, again

This 7 September 2017 Dutch language video is by the Animal Rights organisation. It is about animal abuse in a slaughterhouse in Izegem.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Again footage of animal abuse in Flemish slaughterhouse

Again, images have been published of animal abuse in a Flemish slaughterhouse. The animal rights organization Animal Rights has published a video showing how cattle are being abused in a slaughterhouse in Izegem. In April Animal Rights published footage of cruelty at a pig slaughterhouse in Tielt.

The images from Izegem, made with a hidden camera, show how employees of the slaughterhouse systematically administer electric shocks to cattle. This method is only legal in exceptional cases according to the regulations. In order to get the animals in the area where they are killed, they are being abused by stabbing in sensitive areas, inter alia by puncturing them in the anus.

Also, cattle are not anesthetized [which is mandatory] before being hung on slaughter hooks and then their throats are slit. Animal Rights requires that the slaughterhouse be closed and has lodged a complaint with the Inspectorate. …

According to Animal Rights, the meat from the slaughterhouse is mainly intended for Belgian supermarkets. A small part goes to the wholesale corporation Macro in the Netherlands, and is thus used in the Dutch catering industry.

UPDATE: today the government has decided to close down this slaughterhouse, property of the Verbist company.

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