French slaughterhouses, COVID-19 epicentres

This French video is about COVID-19 at the Kermené slaughterhouse. It is from 18 May 2020, when it was still reported that ‘only’ six workers had been infected.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

More than 100 infections in French slaughterhouse

In a slaughterhouse in Brittany, 109 employees are infected with the coronavirus. …

It is a slaughterhouse of meat processing corporation Kermené in Saint-Jacut-du-Mené. …

Yesterday it was announced that 45 people were infected at the slaughterhouse of Vion in Groenlo … . Meat processing plants also turn out to be epicentres of coronavirus contamination in Germany, and in the United States nearly one in five workers in the meat processing industry has become infected.

21 thoughts on “French slaughterhouses, COVID-19 epicentres

  1. Slaughterhouses seem to epicenters in many countries. We hear the same in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and now France. It would be good policies to check them in all other countries to. They are essential in the foodchain of most countries.


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