British ex-Prime Minister Cameron and dead pig, parody song

This 19 September 2016 satiric music video from Britain is called UB4Cameron – “Dead Dead Swine”.

The song is a parody of the song “Red red wine” by British band UB40.

The lyrics are:

Dead, dead swine
Only the head
I can’t forget how I seeded that sow

Dead, dead swine
It’s like the EU
I made a right cock-up
And there’s a photo
Apparently there’s a photo

At the time, I was in my prime
And I don’t mean Minister
I was young and full of spunk
And things turned quite sinister

Dead, dead swine
I had no choice
Initiation ritual
They stood to applaud my pork sword

I was desperate to join
Their exclusive dining club
So I placed it on my groin
And gave it a damn good scrub

Dead, dead swine
Did what I had to do
So they’d let me into
Their merry band
I thought of England

Baby wild boar crossing track

In this 19 August 2016 video, adult and baby wild boar cross a bicycle track.

Warden Paul Jansen made this video in National Park Veluwezoom in the Netherlands.

Wild boar family in the Netherlands

This 28 May 2016 video by Michael de Vries from Ede in the Netherlands shows a wild boar family, which the video maker met for the third time.

Again, compared to last time, the piglets had grown a bit.

Dutch wild boar family video

This video, recorded on 16 May 2016, shows a wild boar family near Ede in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Michael de Vries, the maker of this video, had also recorded this family a few weeks ago. Since then, the piglets have grown.

Wild boar family video

This video, made today by Michel de Vries near Ede in Gelderland province in the Netherlands, shows a wild boar family of two adults and seven piglets.

Pied wild boar piglet, video

This 5 April 2016 video shows a pied wild boar piglet, near Vierhouten village in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. Some wild boar piglets have unusual colours. Usually, as they grow up, they get the ‘normal’ wild boar colour.

Fortunately, this piglet does not have to fear being killed by Sarah Palin; she being busy killing wild boar thousands of miles away in Wisconsin, USA.

Unfortunately, this piglet does have to fear being killed by other hunters, including poachers, in the Veluwe region.