Wild boar family bathing, video

This video shows a female wild boar and her piglets having a mud bath in national park Veluwezoom in the Netherlands.

Leonard Quivooy made this video.

Wild boar on parade, video

This video shows wild boar, passing one by one.

The video is from Hoeve Delle nature reserve, Veluwe region, the Netherlands.

Wild boar video

This video is about wild boar, seen from Herikhuizen observation point in the Veluwe region.

One can see owls and bats there as well.

Stop wild boar killing in Dutch Veluwe region

This 29 June 2015 from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Holiday time, en masse in early July the tourists come back to the Veluwe to look for wildlife …. but also en masse from July 1 hobby hunters will make the woods unsafe again with their firing at wild boar. The holiday feeling for the animals will be over then and they will become nocturnal animals instead of diurnal animals.

About 80% of healthy wild boar will be shot, so sows will again be ready for mating and will again get many piglets because nature wants to restore the equilibrium. It is very difficult for sows to give birth every year to a large litter of piglets and they are literally sucked dry by the piglets. The result is that the sows are skinny and lose much of their health resistance. This is clearly a form of animal abuse. Hobby hunters want only one thing and that’s shooting! They pay for it gladly and therefore they want their money’s worth. This method of control is very unnatural and inhumane. Animals are not TOYS so …. STOP THE HOBBY HUNTING!!!

Eight wild boar piglets, video

This video is about eight wild boar piglets looking for food in a forest in the Netherlands.

Michael de Vries made the video.

Deer, wild boar lives saved by new measures

This video from Belarus is called Red Deer. Roar. Fight.

Translated from conservation organisation Natuurmonumenten in the Netherlands:

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Along roads where the roadsides have been made wide and open, fewer collisions with wild animals will happen. These are the first encouraging results of measures taken by Natuurmonumenten.

Along two roads running through forests where many wild animals live, Natuurmonumenten made the roadsides more open last year. They are the Peeskesweg in the Bergherbos and the Sandbergweg in the Leuvenumse bossen (Veluwe region). Their verges are managed by Natuurmonumenten. Motorists now have a better view and will see game earlier, so they will be less surprised when the animals come out of the woods. Conversely, it is expected that the animals are now more alert because when they leave the forest they come first into an open space.

Fewer collisions

Along the Peeskesweg between 2010 and 2014 16 roe deer were hit (no red deer and wild boar live there). Along the Sandbergweg during the last three years, 13 wild boar, 12 roe deer and 11 red deer were hit. Since the measures, there have been two boar and one roe deer fatalities. If the number of wildlife collisions will remain low, then Natuurmonumenten will encourage road authorities, such as municipalities and provinces, to wherever possible, take the same measures.

Wild boar follows jogger, video

This video is from the Deelerwoud nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Jogger Frans Vriesendorp made the cellphone video. A wild boar followed him for six kilometer.

Maybe the boar used to be a pet?