Threatened bees, new The Damned song

This 14 Augustus 2020 punk rock music video from England says about itself:

The Damned – Keep ’em Alive

Taken from The Rockfield Files, the EP available October 16

The summer breeze caresses the leaves, in webs spiders sway
and is this rain comes pouring down or some other spray?

The flowers bloom the crickets chirp and a sparrow calls
Amongst the trees where once were bees there’s no buzz at all

I guess it’s all of us now trying just to keep it alive
In cities nothing but a concrete zoo
Where once it would’ve been nature’s call how many creatures survive
We haven’t got a clue

I guess we know the consequences If we don’t keep em alive
When bees stop buzzing there’s no bread for us to chew
When the cork’s back in the bottle maybe nature will thrive
Then life will start anew

Follow The Damned here.

7 thoughts on “Threatened bees, new The Damned song

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