Baltimore orioles and summer tanagers in Costa Rica

This is a rufous-collared sparrow video. One of the bird species in Santo Domingo de Heredia in Costa Rica. An individual often sang, sitting on top of a bronze stork sculpture in the botanical garden. I fondly remember this species from Quito in Ecuador, a long time ago.

30 March 2014. After yesterday, our second full day in Santo Domingo de Heredia. And our last full day in Costa Rica.

A Montezuma oropendola feeding on a flower in a tree.

In the same tree, a Hoffmann’s woodpecker.

A Finsch’s parakeets flock flies past. These birds live only in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and western Panama.

A rufous-tailed hummingbird.

Baltimore oriole male, 30 March 2014

Male Baltimore orioles; see also here.

Baltimore oriole female, 30 March 2014

And females.

Baltimore oriole female close to flower, 30 March 2014

Baltimore oriole female closer to flower, 30 March 2014

White-winged dove, 30 March 2014

7:35: a white-winged dove.

Summer tanager male, 30 March 2014

Five minutes later: a summer tanager male.

There is a summer tanager female as well.

Blue-grey tanager, 30 March 2014

A blue-grey tanager builds its nest.

A buff-throated saltator sings.

An Inca dove.

Rufous-naped wren, Costa Rica, 30 March 2014

A rufous-naped wren.

Variegated squirrel, 30 March 2014

10:38: a variegated squirrel feeding.

Great-tailed grackle female, 30 March 2014

10:45 a female great-tailed grackle drinks at a bird bath.

A list of birds in this garden is here.

Stay tuned, as there will be more on birds and other subjects in Costa Rica on 30 March!

[American] Orioles are beautiful and distinctive birds, but they are only instantly recognizable if the region is home to a single oriole species. Many orioles look similar, and it can be more challenging to tell them apart in regions that are native to several of these colorful birds. Learning how to properly identify orioles is essential for birders to feel confident in identifying every oriole they see: here.

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