4 thoughts on “United States pro-immigrant children demonstraters interviewed

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  2. We were told that the Trump administration knew where all kidnaped
    asylum seeking children were, and that they had very good records of
    where their parents were too.

    They were lying through their teeth of course. As usual. As always.
    As incessantly.

    With now looming court ordered deadlines to reunite these families,
    it is becoming increasingly and painfully clear that these stolen
    children were deliberately scattered in a way to try to make it
    unfeasible to undo the evil.

    And even if they can be reunited, Trump has made it clear he’ll just
    use the court reunification order as an heartless excuse to detain
    these children, with their parents, indefinitely.

    This is going to be a long struggle to see justice done.

    And that is why we are jumping out with something new for us, a
    “Where R The Children?” clothing magnet (2″x2″) you can wear to
    demonstrate where you stand. It’s like a campaign button but without
    the pin. A small bar magnet on the inside of your shirt, or blouse,
    or jacket holds it in place.

    Where R The Children? clothing magnet: https://www.utalk.us/?g=WR

    And the answer better not be . . . in prison.

    One of our own participants, Jane Culp, created the artwork for this.
    It is an evocative impressionistic painting of a mother clutching her
    child, the original of which was used for a march on this issue last
    weekend in Palm Springs.

    It is always difficult to try to comparatively categorize an original
    artist, but Jane’s style reminds us in part of some of the work of
    Edvard Munch or perhaps Frida Kahlo.

    And if you would like to check out Jane’s own website to see some of
    her other work, where is the link for that.


    Plus we will continue to distribute or original “Where Are The
    Children?” (Broken Heart) bumper stickers, the first printing of
    which is being mailed out now.

    Where Are The Children? (Broken Heart) bumper stickers:

    And for bulk packs, to spread the word to every corner of the country
    where they may be trying to hide the children stolen from their
    families, go to this page.

    Where Are The Children? (Broken Heart) bumper sticker bulk packs:

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035

    You may forward this message to any friends who would find it


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