United States Dreamers sold out by Clintonist Democrats

This video from the USA says about itself:

25 January 2018

Democrats Cave Again!!! They Give Up On Dreamers!

This video from the USA says about itself:

Sorry Dreamers, Democrats Had “High Anxiety”

23 January 2018

The Democrats rolled over and struck a deal to end the government shutdown without assurances for those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

Read more here.

In budget talks, Senate Democrats abandon immigrant Dreamers threatened with deportation: here.

Senate Democratic leader seeks to protect Special Counsel Mueller, not DACA immigrants: here.

Students and workers denounce bipartisan attacks on immigrants: here.

Dreamers Speak Out Against Budget Bill With No DACA Protections: here.

21 thoughts on “United States Dreamers sold out by Clintonist Democrats


    In politics, I can’t think of anything more futile, more self-defeating, than drawing a line in the sand and then retreating from it.

    I’ve seen it before. For instance, dozens of my House colleagues wrote a letter to then-Speaker Pelosi telling her that they would vote against healthcare reform if it didn’t include a public option. Every single one of them then abandoned that pledge. (Dennis Kucinich was the last hold-out.) The result, as we all know, is no public option.

    Last week, the Democrats pinky-swore that they would not provide the votes to keep the Government open unless Republican leaders followed through on their promise to enact protection to allow Dreamers to stay in the country. And then the Democrats did provide the votes. The Democratic “Leadership” drew a line in the sand, and then fled from it. Like those Saudi troops who, when the Iraqis threatened to attack, fled so fast from their camp that they left their boots behind.

    Let’s go over this.

    I’m an American by birth. The Fourteenth Amendment conferred citizenship on me when I emerged from you-know-where.

    My mother is an American by choice. She was born in another country. She fell in love with an American, moved here, applied for permanent residency and then applied for citizenship.

    I do not feel that I occupy a higher moral plane than she does. On the contrary, I recognize that the foundation of her citizenship is her choice, a choice that I never had to make.

    The Dreamers also are not here by their own conscious choice. They are here because their parents brought them here when they were children. I am a citizen because I was here at birth. They are not citizens, even if they came here two days after birth. Such is the law, in its “majesty.”

    President Obama, exhibiting the normal supply of human decency, promulgated the DACA program to allow Dreamers to stay. President Dotard, in whom the milk of human kindness curdled at time immemorial, revoked the program with six months’ notice. But even he, a man who doesn’t even have the empathy of a tapeworm, even he urged Congress to enact DACA.

    Now the six months are almost up, and the Democrats said that they would no longer supply the votes to keep the Government open unless this promise were fulfilled.

    And then they supplied the votes.

    If my frustration level seems high, that’s because it is. The fundamental problem for the Democrats today is not that people don’t want us to do what we say. It’s that they too-often don’t believe we will.

    And if we see hundreds of thousands of Dreamers frog-marched out of the country, and the human cost of Democratic fecklessness becomes incalculable, then maybe that will change. I hope so.


    Alan Grayson


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  7. That’s how President Non-ald Trump described the Democrats, in the new Showtime series “Our Cartoon President.” “You look like a bunch of seagulls chasing a potato chip,” he said.

    True. Unfortunately.

    The show premiers on Sunday night, but I got to see it early, because of my outstanding record of public service.

    Not really. It’s because the first episode was posted on YouTube.

    Remarkably, the show actually anticipated, with oracular and prescient clairvoyance, what we saw later in the shutdown vote at 5:32 am on Friday. That is when the Democrats actually did look like a bunch of seagulls chasing a potato chip.

    Here is what happened:

    (1) Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi gave a brilliant and inspiring speech, which turned out to be the longest House speech in history. (Although some of mine might have seemed longer.) She pledged that she would not vote for any short-term budget deal unless it provided relief to Dreamers, who face deportation on March 5.

    (2) According to some reports, she told Democratic House Members to “vote their consciences” (which is DC-speak for “do what you think is best”).

    (3) According to other reports, she demanded that all Democratic House Members stand firm, and save the Dreamers.

    (4) The clock struck five, and a bill without any relief for the Dreamers came to a vote.

    (5) The Democrats fractured almost right down the middle. 73 Democrats either did or did not ignore Nancy Pelosi, and voted for the short-term budget deal. 119 Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, voted against it. (Rep. Elijah Cummings missed the vote, because his mother died the day before.) The Republicans needed only 51 Democrats to break ranks, but they got 73.

    (6) The Democrats looked like a bunch of seagulls chasing a potato chip.

    Voters have a keen ear for two things. First, they want to know what you say you are going to do, if you are elected. Second, they want to know why they should believe you.

    When you draw a line in the sand, and then you hit it with a leaf blower, the voters notice that. So you have to choose your lines carefully. Then, you defend them. For sure, you don’t cross them yourself.

    That’s called “politics.”


    Alan Grayson


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