Big pro-peace, anti-Trump demonstration, Brussels, 7 July

This 24 May 2017 video from Brussels, Belgium is called Thousands Protest Trump Before NATO Summit.

That 24 May 2017, there was a big demonstration against the militarism and other wrongs of Trump and NATO, organized by the Trump Not Welcome coalition in Belgium.

This year, on 7 July, they will have a similar demonstration, when Trump will probably be at a NATO conference again.

From their Internet site:

Protest March

Make Peace Great Again

7 July 3 PM – Brussels North Station

Trump will probably visit our country on 11 and 12 July for a NATO summit. On the agenda: more defence expenditure by all NATO countries, including Belgium. The Trump Not Welcome Platform calls on everyone to reclaim the streets on Saturday 7 July. We refuse to participate in this arms race at the expense of poverty reduction, social protection, the fight against climate change, humane refugee policies, and a diverse society based on solidarity. Will you join us?

Come to Brussels on Saturday 7 July, and say ‘No’ together with us to Trump, his politics, and that of his European counterparts. Let us jointly give a message:

For peace

Against the purchase of new fighter jets and the militarization that Trump and the NATO want to enforce. We want to invest our tax money in education, health care, the climate, and international solidarity! For a world without nuclear weapons!

For a liveable world

It’s outrageous: lignite plants are reopened, and iodine tablets are distributed to protect us against the cracks in the nuclear power plants. We want a solidarity-based and decisive climate policy for a sustainable future.

For a tolerant society based on solidarity

Racism, sexism, intimidation, criminalization of those who seek refuge from war and of people who open up their houses out of solidarityRights for which the struggle started long ago are under attack. We stand up for the rights of all people, based on the principles of equality and solidarity.

For social rights

For the interests of the 99%. No to the politics of self-enrichment of governments that are governed by and for the richest 1%. We’re fed up with austerity measures. Time to invest in our society.

Join us on Saturday 7 July and let your voice be heard. Let us show that we stand united for a peaceful and sustainable future based on solidarity. United we stand!

Speeches and program to be confirmed.

Meeting point: Railway Station Brussels North at 3 PM

7 thoughts on “Big pro-peace, anti-Trump demonstration, Brussels, 7 July

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