Donald Trump’s wall, a threat to wildlife

This 26 March 2018 National Geographic video from the USA says about itself:

Construction of a USA-Mexico border wall means huge impacts to wildlife. Migratory corridors would be eliminated, dispersal events would no longer occur, and access to the Rio Grande river would be cut off for both wildlife and humans.

27 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s wall, a threat to wildlife

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  19. Trump is demanding taxpayer funds to build a symbol of xenophobia along our Southern Border.

    Trump is already threatening to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t fully fund his monstrous border wall plan in the 2019 spending bill. In Trump’s attempt to build a xenophobic and environmentally destructive border wall, he has used young Dreamers and immigrant families as bargaining chips.

    This is a critical moment to act. That’s why we’re working with our partners to push our representatives to stay strong. Act now and demand there is NO funding for Trump’s border wall in the 2019 budget.

    Send an urgent message to Congress: Building a border wall is xenophobic, environmentally destructive, and a waste of taxpayer funds »

    If Trump gets his way, 36 laws — including the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act — would be waived to speed up construction. This would expose fragile ecosystems — like the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in South Texas — to unprecedented destruction. Over 110 endangered species, from jaguars to ocelots to bighorn sheep, would have their ecosystems decimated and divided by a border wall.

    A border wall would turn a blind eye to the fact that over 1 million people call the U.S.-Mexico border region home. Border communities — especially Native American and frontline Latino border communities who will be most-impacted — have led the fight against constructing walls that would risk cultural heritage, community security, local waterways, and increased risk of deadly flooding. We must stand with them.

    We must promote policies of inclusion, safety, and security, not hate and bigotry, in our immigration system. Trump’s push to construct a xenophobic border wall — coupled with his dehumanization of families and Dreamers — does just the opposite. We cannot stay silent as our communities and environment are attacked.

    As Trump continues to pressure Congress to fund the wall, our window to act is quickly narrowing. That’s why you need to join LCV and our allies to speak out against this attack on the environment and communities. Together, we CAN stop Congress from funding Trump’s destructive border wall.

    Republican leaders in Congress are moving to fund Trump’s border wall in the 2019 budget. Speak out now against this attack on communities and the environment »

    The fight for environmental solutions and racial justice are inextricably linked. If we want to make real progress, if we want to protect immigrant communities and fragile ecosystems, all of us need to speak out, and we need to do it NOW.

    Thank you for acting.

    Elizabeth Jacob
    Digital Advertising Coordinator
    League of Conservation Voters


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  21. Trump has declared an all-out war on America’s wildlife.

    And your voice matters right now.

    Over the past few months, his administration has rolled out plans to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act, the lifesaving law that protects bears, sea turtles, birds and more than 1,000 species across the country.

    His goal? Weaken the law so much that corporate polluters can bulldoze, mine, drill, log and destroy some of the last remaining habitat for endangered species on the planet.

    It will mean more trophy hunting, trapping and lethal snaring of endangered species like grizzlies, wolves and lynx. What’s more, Trump is gearing up to strip protections from nearly every wolf in the lower 48 states so they can be gunned down, trapped or killed in their dens.

    It’s disgusting — and we’re not about to let that happen.

    The Center for Biological Diversity’s kick-ass staff of lawyers, scientists, organizers and media experts are fighting back with everything we’ve got.

    We’ve been battling right-wingers’ attempts to destroy the Endangered Species Act for decades, but we’ve never seen anything like what Trump is trying to pull.

    Think about what’s at stake. Without the Endangered Species Act:

    Livestock operators would have free rein to annihilate gray wolves.
    Trophy hunters could gun down Yellowstone’s grizzly bears for fun.
    Polar bear and spotted owl habitat could be bulldozed, drilled and destroyed.

    This is the fight of a lifetime for more than 1,000 animals and plants, from polar bears and ice seals to wolves and sage grouse.

    We must act now to stop this violent assault on America’s most vulnerable creatures.

    Whenever wildlife are at risk, no one goes to court faster than the Center for Biological Diversity. We’ve protected more than 620 species and half a billion acres of habitat — more than any other conservation group.

    You have a part to play too when it comes to protecting wildlife from Trump. This is no time to sit on the sidelines. Act. Resist. Sign the petition.

    Center for Biological Diversity


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