Trump in Britain, a British view

This 12 July 2018 video from Britain is called Donald Trump says he feels ‘unwelcome’ in London due to protests.

From the the Socialist Equality Party (UK) today:

What does it really mean to “Stop Trump?” The working class must be mobilised against capitalism and for socialism

Donald Trump richly deserves the outpouring of condemnation and political opposition that has led up to the series of UK-wide protests that began Thursday.

He represents all that is vile and reactionary in political and social life, not only in the United States but in Britain, Europe and throughout the world.

A billionaire advocate of cutting social spending and punishing working people to enrich the major corporations and the already fabulously wealthy.

Someone whose proudest boast is that he will “Build the Wall” and who now pens immigrant children in cages, separated from their mothers and fathers.

An advocate of an “America Firsttrade war that pits workers in one country against those in another in a vicious race to the bottom.

A brutal militarist who has threatened nuclear war against North Korea, Russia and China unless they accept US dictates.

These and innumerable lesser crimes are cited by the organisers of the anti-Trump protests to secure the support of those genuinely horrified that such a man leads the most powerful country in the world. …

And what if Hillary Clinton … had won against Trump in 2016? Not only has Clinton advocated for every war waged by the US since Iraq, but the favoured candidate of Wall Street also urged in 2014 that children from Central America entering the US illegally “should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are” and who, in 2015, said, “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.” …

not a word is said by the leaders of Together Against Trump against the EU and all its governments—a quarter of whose citizens are in poverty or at risk of poverty, whose “Fortress Europe” policies have led to the deaths of 35,000 migrants and whose governments are all frantically rearming.

Our comrades in the Socialist Equality Party in the US have insisted that the coming to power of Trump is not an aberration, but was prepared politically by previous administrations …

The extreme nationalist “America First” assertion of the interests of US imperialism is only the most developed expression of the growth of antagonisms between all the major imperialist powers that are driving the world ever more swiftly towards trade war and military conflict.

For this reason, no section of the ruling class in America, the UK or Europe represents a genuine alternative to Trump.

There are three basic forms of opposition to his administration, representing the interests of different social classes.

The opposition of the ruling class led by the Democrats in the US and American imperialism’s various rivals in Europe.

The opposition of affluent layers of the upper-middle class, who in Britain generally gravitate towards the EU as a counterweight to the US and a guarantor of the economic order on which their considerable privileges depend.

The opposition of the American, British and world working class: The hundreds of millions made to suffer through the destruction of their livelihoods by the major corporations, by governments who serve corporate interests and the financial oligarchy just as surely as does Trump, and by the brutal wars that have left such cruel scars on the face of the planet.

To oppose Trump is to oppose the capitalist system he defends. It means mobilising a unified struggle by workers and young people against US, British and European imperialism independently of all the political representatives of big business on a socialist and revolutionary programme and perspective.

Anti-Trump demonstrations today in Britain: here.

HUNDREDS of police officers have been made to sleep in “unacceptable” conditions with no hot water or warm food after being drafted for security as US President Donald Trump arrives in Britai: here.

BABY TRUMP BLIMP TAKES FLIGHT London on Friday was awash with demonstrations against Trump’s U.K. visit, including the flight over parliament square of a huge blimp depicting the president as a screaming baby. [HuffPost]

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