Against Trump, NATO militarism, big demonstration in Brussels

The front of a demonstration in Brussels against Trump's and NATO's militarism

Today, thousands of people demonstrated in Brussels, Belgium against the militarism and other right-wing policies of United States President Donald Trump and of NATO. Trump will arrive this week in Brussels for the NATO military alliance conference, of 11 and 12 July.

Some of the signs said (translated):

No money for war
Trump Not Welcome

Right-wing Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws reports today (translated):

Under the slogan “Make Peace Great Again!” environmental activists, anti-nuclear weapons activists, feminists, trade unions, representatives of the LGBTQ community, political parties and human rights activists have united. They demand a peaceful, sustainable and inclusive view of the world, and that is not in line with that of Trump and of the European political leaders who follow his ideology. …

The participants protest against various policies of Trump. For example, the left-wing party, PVDA, carried the inscription “No money for war” with which it refers to Trump’s claim that all NATO member states should spend 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense. …

‘Pussy hats’

Human rights organization Amnesty International specifically protested against the separation of families that try to enter the US illegally. The members of Amnesty were dressed in white and have stuffed toy animals to symbolize the innocence of the children, just like the wasted childhood of children who are locked up with their parents in closed centers.

In addition, many women also wear ‘pussy hats’, the pink hats with cat ears that were worn for the first time in March 2017 during the big women’s marches against the sexism of President Trump.

‘Make Peace Great Again’: Ahead of NATO Summit, Anti-Trump Protest Draws Thousands in Brussels. “We are against this logic where militarization takes preference against the struggle against poverty, climate protection, migrant reception”: here.

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