Donald Trump wants more money for wars, European Union obeys

This Associated Press video from Belgium says about itself:

Colourful protest as Trump arrives in Brussels

(24 May 2017) Thousands of protesters took part in a march against US President Donald Trump to coincide with his arrival in Brussels on Wednesday.

Some demonstrators said they were marching against sexism, others to protest “this arms race“.

Belgium’s King and Queen welcomed Trump and his wife Melania at the royal palace in Brussels.

Afterwards, the President held talks with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

Belgium is Trump‘s fourth stop on his maiden overseas tour.

He is set to attend the NATO summit on Thursday before continuing on to Sicily for meetings with leaders of the seven major industrialised nations.

In Brussels is the European Union headquarters as well. Unfortunately, it looks like the European Union top bureaucrats are listening to Donald Trump instead of to the demonstrators against Trump and NATO militarism.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The EU is doing more defense,

‘defense’; an euphemism for war

under pressure from Trump

Today, 16:51

The European Commission wants to spend much more money on defense. From 2021 every year, 1 billion euros from Brussels must be spent on defense. …

Two weeks after the visit of US President Trump in Brussels, his words are still reverberating. Trump wants EU countries to spend more money on defense. That can not be promised by the European Commission, because national governments are responsible for that. Nevertheless, the EU wants to do more. …

The defense money is no stepping stone to a common European army, the European Commission says.

Yet, in Brussels, they are talking about a common European army. It is one of the three future scenarios that the European Commission presents to the countries. …

According to the Commission, less military cooperation is not possible. …

One can certainly sense the influence of President Trump in Brussels.

Greek neonazi general Georgios Epitideios, ex-European Union military staff commander

The European Union already has, not an official European Union army, but something close to it: the European Union Military Staff. The commander of its ‘department of crisis response and current operations’ used to be Greek general Georgios Epitideios. Also in Brussels, Epiteidios was senior staff member of NATO’s Central Command.

Recently, General Epitideios came back to Brussels. This time as Member of the European Parliament for the Greek nazi party Golden Dawn. Does European Commission boss Mr Juncker want someone like neo-nazi General Epitideios as commander of the European Union’s ‘stronger military fist’ plans?

Trump as an excuse for German rearmament: here.

38 thoughts on “Donald Trump wants more money for wars, European Union obeys

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  5. BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday Donald Trump must be shown appropriate respect for holding the office of the U.S. president, even if she may differ with him on policy issues.

    Merkel, campaigning for a fourth term in office after a Sept. 24 national election, has refused to bend to pressure from her Social Democrat (SPD) rivals to resist demands by Trump for NATO members to increase their defence spending.


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