NATO governments obeying my militarism, Trump says

This 6 July 2018 video, from the Campaign against Climate Change in Britain, says about itself:

Together against Trumpfor a safe climate. Friday 13 July, London

We’re marching against Trump in London on Friday 13 July because we’re on our last chance to avoid catastrophic climate change. And to do that we need to work together and recognise our common humanity. Far right nationalism and racism are a threat not just to immediate human rights but to our planet’s future. Our message to Trump, and our own government: our climate’s not for sale to the highest corporate bidder. Join us!

Stopping climate change requires lots of money. However, Donald Trump is in denial about climate science. He rather spends billions and billions of money on militarism and wars, and says that the other NATO governments are following his lead.

Many anti-Trump activities these days in Britain: here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Trump: NATO member states are increasing defense budgets ‘in an unprecedented way’

President Trump said in a press conference that he is enthusiastic about the outcome of the NATO conference in Brussels. He said that the other member states have promised unprecedented increases in the defense budgets. …

He mentioned a total amount of 33 billion dollars, which according to him will still get much bigger.

Never before have the other member states paid such amounts, Trump said. …

Trump was full of praise for the role of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at the summit. …

The NATO summit started yesterday with a swipe by Trump against Germany. The second day reportedly began in a better atmosphere, but according to diplomats, nothing was left of that after the new tirade by Trump.

The crisis meeting then proceeded completely to the satisfaction of Trump.

Trump is said to have addressed Chancellor Merkel at some point against the protocol with her Christian name to urge Germany to spend more on NATO, with the phrase “Angela, do something about it”.

However, French President Macron and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, though agreeing that more money should be spent on militarism, disagreed with what Trump said on supposed agreement. See also here.

Trump forces NATO ‘allies’ to capitulate to US imperialist war drive: here.

TRUMP DEMANDS NATO MEMBERS UP SPENDING IMMEDIATELY President Donald Trump has demanded NATO members immediately increase their defense spending to 2 percent of GDP and called for the target to be doubled to 4 percent by 2024 following a tempestuous day at the NATO summit in Brussels. Some reports in Germany even claim he has threatened to quit the alliance if defense budgets were not upped straight away, though Trump subsequently reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to NATO on Thursday while also taking credit for what NATO member spending increases there have been in recent years. The president is due to land in the United Kingdom Thursday amid the ongoing Brexit crisis and sharp domestic divisions that were heightened by his visit. [HuffPost]

Trump ‘in Britain for secret trade talks that could leave NHS in tatters’: here.

Young demonstrators outside the US embassy in London

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