Belgian Islamic scholar arrested as ‘terrorist’ by racist policemen

This 18 July 2015 Dutch language video from Belgium is about the presentation of the book De jihadkaravaan, by its authors Montasser AlDe’emeh and Pieter Stockmans.

Translated from daily De Standaard in Belgium:

Brussels police thinks Islamologist Montasser AlDe’emeh is a terrorist

Today at 19:15

Islamologist Montasser AlDe’emeh became, in his own words, the victim of racist cops in Brussels. Montasser was considered to be a terrorist and dealt with harshly, he says. He will complain about this. AlDe’emeh is, inter alia, researcher at the University of Nijmegen, author of a PhD on radicalization within Islam and worked in Mechelen for years with former fighters returned from Syria.

Pieter Stockmans, who along with Montasser AlDe’emeh wrote the book De jihadkaravaan wrote in the afternoon about the events on Facebook. AlDe’emeh told the story itself in the VRT TV program De Afspraak.

AIDe’emeh told how he, on his way back after a lecture at the Committee for Internal Affairs of the Brussels parliament, his car was stopped in the Boulevard Anspach by three officers of the Brussels police.

“They motioned that I should step aside and open my window. They asked for my identity card, driving license and papers of the car.” AIDe’emeh handed everything without problems, he says. “Suddenly, seven officers ran to my car.”

They wanted to know what languages ​​AIDe’emeh can all speak. When he replied that he knew Dutch, French, English and Arabic, the answer was “Here we do not speak Arabic.”

When the officers in the trunk of the car found AIDe’emeh’s boxes with copies of De jihadkaravaan – a book about different types of dynamics that feed extremism – noted, a policeman told him to get out of the car.

“They threw the books on the ground, grabbed me and pushed me with hands and face against the car to frisk me.”

AIDe’emeh also was ordered to remove the SIM card from his mobile phone, but when he refused, the officer did that himself.


AIDe’emeh felt disturbed by the whole incident. ‘Bystanders stopped and started to take pictures, as if I was a terrorist or a criminal. What a humiliation. I’m still in a state of shock.”

After fifteen minutes he could eventually leave, with as sole explanation that he looked like a “terrorist” they sought.

AIDe’emeh is not going to just forget the whole incident, “I will now go to the local police to lodge a complaint. Against those policemen, not against the police. Those cops behaved in a racist way.”

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“APPALLED” Muslim human rights activists slammed a London primary school yesterday for forcing an “Orwellian” anti-radicalisation questionnaire on kids as young as nine: here.

Cartoon event in Brussels, Belgium

This video says about itself:

State of Denial: Western Journalism and the Middle East | Robert Fisk

5 November 2012

Robert Fisk, award-winning journalist and Middle East Correspondent for The Independent newspaper, gave the annual faculty-appointed Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) Distinguished Lecture on April 20, 2010 on the subject of “State of Denial: Western Journalism and the Middle East.” Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (GU-Q) student Amna Al-Thani introduced Fisk to a capacity audience of 800 guests at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha.

From Belgium:



First Edition

Cartoon event in the center of Europe

February 2016, MUNTPUNT, Brussels.

Cartoons engage creatively with current affairs. Uniquely capable of zooming in to magnify contradictions or untruths, and zooming out to condense wider connections or greater truths, they constitute a supremely subversive form of expression.

The event “YOU, THE WEST & THE MIDDLE EAST” provides a forum for the presentation of fierce, uncensored cartoons that force viewers to critically confront and reflect upon mutual understandings and misunderstandings of relations between “the West” and “The Middle East”.

Charlie Hebdo, radicalization, IS, the war on terror, drones, the war in Iraq, the refugee crisis … these developments leave no one untouched, and demonstrate the vital need for greater insight and understanding of what is happening in the world today.

While the success of this event relies on input and perspective from around the world, cartoonists from the Middle East are particularly encouraged to submit their work. If you would like to contribute to this groundbreaking exhibition, please submit a selection of your cartoons (maximum 3) before December 15, 2015. Original work addressing the theme of the exhibition is very welcome, but please feel free to submit previously published or exhibited work.

With your vital input, we are confident of putting together a fascinating event in February 2016. The exhibition will be accompanied by discussions between cartoonists, documentaries, lectures, workshops, and other relevant activities.

For further information regarding registration, submission of your work and other practical matters please click here! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions or concerns about this ambitious exhibition. You can reach us at:

Sincerely – Ward Treunen,

The BRussells Tribunal, Muntpunt, The cartoonist, Stripgids, European Cartoon Center, Victoria de Luxe, Menarg, Vrede, Pianofabriek.

Iraq at war, new film

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Iraq War From The Frontline

Mission Accomplished: Langan in Iraq (2004) – The definitive grassroots view of the Iraqi invasion.

Seven months after war was declared over, journalist Sean Langan arrived in Iraq. He spent three months living in the notorious Sunni triangle, deftly moving between resistance fighters and the American troops. Travelling where few journalists dare to go and filming alone, the producer has captured a rare grassroots view of the war still raging across Iraq.

From The BRussells Tribunal in Belgium:


In cooperation with the BRussells Tribunal, film production company the Wizard is working on a documentary about Iraq for a large audience.

We are interested in the question what the future of Iraq will look like.

On the TV screen and in the mainstream media, Iraq is a country that is only known as being embroiled in never-ending wars. For most Western people, Iraq – and the Middle East in general – is a place where backward religious wars are being waged between belligerent ethnic and religious fractions – such as Shia and Sunnis -, where fundamentalists are trying hard to push us back to the Middle Ages.

Thanks to the propaganda of the corporate media, many people don’t realize that the so-called highly developed Western world has been trying to dominate and occupy the region for hundreds of years. Remember the Crusades, remember the illegal war of aggression in 2003 and the bombing of Libya.

In this documentary we question Iraqis and Westerners about their perspectives and how they see the future for Iraq and the Middle East. We also ask them what kind of support Westerners could offer to the people of Iraq and the Middle-East.

In our next newsletter you will read more about the project.

Osama Abdulrasol concert

The music score for the film is composed by Iraqi musician Osama Abdulrasol. During his concert on April 21 in Brussels, the music score will be played before a live audience. You can attend this event yourself and meet with the director of the documentary, Luc Pien, who will present the first fragments of the documentary.

20:00 Welcome by Lieven De Cauter, president of the BRussells Tribunal

20:10 Concert part 1

20:45 The documentary by Luc Pien

21:00 Concert part 2

21:30 Drink + meeting with the musicians and the filmdirector

We highly recommend this concert, especially when you live in Belgium. The cast of musicians Osama Abdulrasol brings with him is outstanding. Here you can buy tickets for this event.

This music video says about itself:

Sumerian harp القيثارة السومرية -Osama Abdulrasol

28 March 2013

Osama Abdulrasol, Qanun/ kanun player, composer & producer. playing solo Qanun