Dictatorial ‘new’ Iraq kills pro-democracy demonstrators

This video from Iraq is called Protester[s] In Baghdad / Tahrir Square – Iraq Revolution.

From Radio France Internationale:

Urgent published the Friday 25 February 2011

Five killed, 10 wounded on Mosul protest

Five protesters have been killed and 10 others wounded when security forces fired warning shots to disperse a demonstration in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police say.

Strange “warning” indeed in George W Bush’s “democratic” new Iraq

By Alex Lantier:

Iraqi officials fear national “day of rage” protest

25 February 2011

As anti-government protests spread throughout Iraq, leading Iraqi politicians tried to limit preparations for today’s “day of rage” protests in US-occupied Iraq.

Popular protests, inspired by the wave of revolutionary struggles throughout the Middle East, are demanding jobs, food, an end to electricity shortages, and an end to government corruption. They have hit the entire breadth of Iraq, from Suleimaniyah and Kirkuk in the Kurdish-majority north, to the capital, Baghdad, and to several cities including Basra in the majority-Shiite Arab south (See “Protests spread throughout Iraq”).

Yesterday there were protests against police in the northern city of Halabja, whose mayor, Goran Adham, reported one policeman killed and three injured. He did not cite estimates for casualties among protesters.

Demonstrators have been marching every day in Suleimaniyah to demand political change since the fatal shootings of two protesters last Thursday. The city is under lock down at night. One placard carried by protesters on Tuesday—when several thousand rallied in the downtown and at Suleimaniyah University—read, “This is a country of hungry people. They are not afraid of tanks.”

A group of protesters staging a peaceful sit-in in Tahrir Square in Baghdad said they were attacked by a group of knife-wielding thugs on Monday, as soldiers looked on, after the protesters defied an order by high-ranking Iraqi Army officers to leave.

Deaths in Iraq pro-reform rallies. At least six protesters killed by security forces, amid nationwide “day of rage” against corruption and poor services: here.

Bahraini troops have raided the protest camp in Pearl Square in Manama, the night before a massive rally was planned by protesters to commemorate what they described as the martyrs of Bahrain’s uprising: here.

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