2019 tag for my blog, thanks Gemma!

2019 tag

My dear blogging friend Gemma of the Home, Travel and Liife blog has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the 2019 tag.

Thank you so much for this friendly gesture!

Gemma’s rules for this tag are:

– Thank the person who tagged you in your post

– Answer the questions that were asked

– List the rules in your post

– Tag some people and give them as many questions as you want to answer in their post [and notify them of having been tagged]

Gemma’s questions are:

– Are you excited for anything in 2019?

Yes, I will probably travel and see beautiful birds.

– Is there any songs or albums that are coming out that you are excited for?

The [British] Ramonas: Acoustic Problems album out soon.

– What are some of your goals for 2019?

Write interesting blog posts, eg, on travel to a beautiful island.

Visit an interesting museum about smaller than usual elephants.


My questions are:

1. Which film did you see, but wish in retrospect you had not bothered to see?

2. Which book haven’t you read yet, but would like to read?

3. If you would be invited to make a space journey, then to which solar system planet would you like to go?

4. To which country where you have not been yet would you like to go?

5. Who is your least favourite politician?

6. If you could go back in history, to which person would you like to talk?

7. If WordPress would stop, would you continue to blog elsewhere?

My nominees are:

1. The curlews cry

2. Shine Bright Site

3. Duresi’s Odyssey

4. Travel and Music

5. Whale Space

6. Shreya Vikram

7. Mes Mots

8. Hobbits From Downunder

9. Benicar411

10. N A L I N D A

11. Rockinsamantha’s Blog

12. Life & Leisure

13. Mad Anna

14. Harry Pothead, way out there Autistic, Polymath

15. Our Celtic Community

16. Sophrosyne

17. SandStorm Click

18. Ground Zero

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