Dutch ex-war minister prefers Iraqi oil to Iraqis’ lives

This 19 April 2011 France 24 video says about itself:

Links between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Tues., 19/4/2011: The Independent leads with details on meetings between British ministers and representatives of BP and Shell some five months before the invasion of Iraq in 2003. A new book by oil campaigner Greg Muttitt claims oil was one of the UK government’s main strategic considerations for going to war in Iraq. Also, US debt and how swearing can relieve pain!

President Trump of the USA prefers grabbing Syrian oil to the lives of Kurds or other Syrians.

Now, another right-wing politician from another country (the Netherlands) thinks similarly on oil and human lives in another country (Iraq).

Translated from Dutch RTL TV, 7 November 2019:

Iraqis furious with former minister Hennis about tweet

Former minister Jeanine Hennis,

She used to be Minister of War … sorry, I am supposed to use the euphemism ‘Defence’ for the pro-Big Business right-wing VVD party.

nowadays United Nations envoy in Iraq, receives a lot of criticism of a tweet she posted yesterday. According to the Iraqis, she suggests that oil installations in that country are more important than the fate of the population.

“Disruption of critical infrastructure [by Iraqi pro-democracy demonstrators] also of grave concern. Responsibility of all to protect public facilities. Threats/closures of roads to oil installations, ports causing billions in losses. Detrimental to #Iraq’s economy, undermines fulfilling protesters’ legitimate demands”, Ms Hennis wrote in that tweet.

Corruption and unemployment

The Iraqi population has been protesting for weeks against corruption and unemployment. Young people in particular take to the streets. More than 250 people were killed in the protests because the authorities attacked the demonstrators harshly. …

But the twitterers blame Hennis for not caring about the Iraqi population. “You should be ashamed of yourself! Iraqi oil is more important than the Iraqi population? Disgusting”, a twitterer responds. The critics demand that Hennis resign and get out of Iraq.

Under her tweet, they also post photos and videos of protesters who were injured in the protests.

Red cross

“I already wondered why no one reacted to the hashtag #save_the_Iraqi_people. But now I get it: they are trying to #save_the_Iraqi_oilfields“, says the famous Iraqi comedian Ahmad Al-Basheer. Other twitterers respond by posting photos of Hennis with a red cross through them.

Almost 6,000 people have already responded to the message, which was posted yesterday.

Earlier this week, she also came under fire when it turned out that she was aware of the civilian casualties that died in 2015 during the bombing of the Iraqi city of Hawija.

The Dutch air force killed at least 70 Iraqi civilians in Hawija when she was minister. She knew that. Still, she lied to the Dutch parliament that supposedly no civilians had died.

Dutch government lies on Hawija deaths, Pentagon says: here.

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