NATO cancer paint, still more people ill

This video from the USA is called Erin Brockovich Investigating Midland Chromium Contamination.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Number of complaints about chrome paint increasing

Today, 14:04

About 1250 (former) employees of the Dutch Defense Department have reported at a special hotline for people who have worked with carcinogenic chromium paint. More than 350 of them claim to have medical symptoms ranging from fatigue and high blood pressure to various forms of cancer. These are about 125 more than in the previous survey.

This says a letter about the problems with the paint which Minister of Defence Hennis has sent to parliament.

The letter by Hennis reports again that there will be a provisional compensation for people who have worked with the so-called chromate paint and are struggling with illness. This is necessary because the RIVM research on the issue will take many years. According to the minister, the so-called compensation scheme does not mean that the Defense Department already admits liability.

See also here.

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