NATO poisonous paint scandal continues

This video from the USA says about itself:

23 March 2011

In the final installment of our 12-part series on cobalt and chromium blood levels, metal toxicology expert Dr. Michael McCabe discusses whether the metal wear debris generated by large diaphragm metal-on-metal hip implants, such as the recently recalled DePuy ASR hip device, may cause cancer. Metal wear debris is known to cause soft tissue damage, tissue necrosis, pseudo-tumors, cobaltism, metallosis, and other potential long term health problems. This is part 12 in our 12-part series.

For more information on cobalt & chromium toxicity, visit If you have found that you have elevated chromium levels, call 888-290-4472 to find out how to protect your legal rights.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Former employees of NATO depot in Ter Apel sound the alarm at health service

Today, 08:54

Former employees of the former NATO depot in Ter Apel have recently sounded the alarm at the health service in Groningen. According to RTV Noord places they question the investigation about remains of chromium-6 and uranium in the buildings.

The health service this year at the request of the Ministry of Defence did research at all former NATO depots where carcinogenic chromium paint used to be applied.

The ministry wanted to know if the current users of the buildings are also at risk to be exposed to chromium-6 now. That, according to the GGD Public Health Service, is not the case. In Ter Apel no chromium-6 was found; but uranium was found.

Additional research

The origin of this uranium is (still) not known. Uranium also occurs as a natural element in the soil. According to the Public Health Service, additional research by means of air samples is necessary. The Ministry of Defence has now adopted that recommendation.

Former employees, however, sounded the alarm, because the investigation is incomplete according to them. In the buildings in Ter Apel there are since the late nineteen nineties ventilation systems. There are grains in these which retain moisture.

The GGD has not investigated these fans, but is considering now to do so.


The concerns of the former employees have not only to do with the current use of the buildings, but also with the past.

A number of large warehouses that were once part of the NATO depot were thoroughly cleaned about 18 months ago. The employees of the cleaning company then wore no gloves and only paper masks.

“With four people we clean one shed”, says one of the men. “Sometimes two boxes of face masks were used on one day. Each box contains sixteen masks. Within an hour they were sometimes black, so much junk lying there. If you then read things about chrome paint, then you are wondering what you’ve cleaned up.”


Hundreds of former employees of the former NATO depots in the Netherlands in recent years have become ill. Since 1984 they have worked for a long time with carcinogenic chromium paint. Dozens of people who have worked in Ter Apel have been reported with health complaints.

UPDATE: here.

June 2018: Dutch DFefense Department knew in 1973 that chrome was unhealthy, admits only now they acted wrongly.

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