Dutch fundamentalist religious politician wants Iraq war re-start

This video from the USA is called Robert Greenwald Discusses 7th Anniversary of Iraq War and Rethink Afghanistan War on The Ed Show.

As we have seen on this blog, Bryan Fischer, the spokesman of the fundamentalist Protestant Christian American Families Association in the USA supports the violence of the Sunni Islamic ISIS fundamentalists in Iraq against the Yazidi minority, agreeing with ISIS that Yazidis are supposedly “devil worshipers.”

In the Netherlands, the fundamentalist Protestant political party SGP has quite opposite views than their US American counterparts.

NOS TV in the Netherlands reports that SGP member of parliament Bisschop wants Dutch F-16 warplanes to join the United States bombing of northern Iraq. The Dutch government would supposedly be ‘cowards’ if they don’t start bombing.

Mr Bisschop has not learned the bloody lessons of the United States war in Iraq; and of the Dutch military involvement in that.

By David Edwards in the USA:

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday invited retired General Paul Vallely to discuss why President Barack Obama and his entire national security staff needed to be removed from the U.S. government.

According to Vallely, the United States would suffer “cataclysmic events” if the president continued to refuse to go to war against the militant group ISIS in Iraq.

18 thoughts on “Dutch fundamentalist religious politician wants Iraq war re-start

  1. Ed show MSNBC,is fanatic bias who have sold his soul like DR.Faust.Beside Chris Mathew.The Dutch Fundamentalist need his head to be examined .4500 American soldiers lost their lives ,35000 American soldiers are wounded plus 1 trillion lost in Iraq every think went with the wind because of politicians are idiots and sightless.


  2. Is there no cure for fundamentalism ( it’s no error that mental forms part of this word) Obviously a pre-frontal lobotomy won’t do it as it seems that’s already been tried.I have a great distaste for religion but it may be that I’ve been reading a different ‘Good Book’ than these people, mine suggested things like tolerance and turning the other cheek.


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