Dutch air force killed many Iraqi civilians

Hawija, Iraq industrial estate, bombed by Dutch air force, NOS photo

This photo shows the industrial estate of Hawija, Iraq, after the Dutch air force bombed it in 2015.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In Hawija, no one has forgotten the Dutch bombing

A Dutch bombing raid in Iraq four years ago went horribly wrong, according to research by NOS and NRC daily. Dozens of civilians were killed in an air raid … in Hawija. …

It is the first time that it has become clear where the Netherlands bombed in Syria and Iraq and how many civilian casualties there have been. For years, the government has said it does not want to make any announcements about specific attacks and civilian casualties due to security.

The huge havoc caused by the bombing on 3 June 2015 does not go unnoticed by the international media. Images of that night show how the hospital in Hawija is flooded with injured people. Residents speak of “an atomic bomb that hit” and could still be heard fifty kilometers away in Kirkuk. “A complete residential area has been destroyed,” writes Reuters news agency.

Four years later, the neighborhood on the east side of the city is exactly the same. There are debris of collapsed buildings everywhere. Dozens of car wrecks are scattered along the road. Only the flour factory has been rebuilt.

The residents of the neighborhood can still remember June 3, 2015. Some show the scars of the injuries sustained by the attack. Others tell about the chaos of that night. …

“At that time there were mainly refugees living here,” says the owner of a small garage a little further in the neighborhood. A family with six children lived next to him. The walls fell over during the explosion. “They were all killed except for the mother. I saw them again later in Kirkuk. She was severely disabled.” …

According to Osama Suleman, director of the hospital, many refugees have been left dead under the rubble of the collapsed buildings. “We don’t know where they came from. We couldn’t register them as fatalities.” …

The hospital received over two hundred dead and injured that night. “It was a very bloody day. Some were seriously injured, others died here.” Suleman thinks that the number of victims added up is “above two hundred”. …

The United States Pentagon does not want to make public the investigation that they did after the attack and the Dutch Ministry of Defense does not want to confirm that the Netherlands was involved in the attack. …

“We don’t know about all the buildings where the owners have stayed,” says Mohamed, who offers his services as a writer of letters and forms in a dilapidated tea house. Hardly anyone can rebuild because compensation has not yet been paid. “We have all filled in our forms,” ​​says the writer with wide arm gestures. “The only answer we get is that we have to wait. We have been doing that for two years now.” …

Only when the rebuilding starts, will it become clear how many people died. “We asked the municipality to come and see if there are any people underneath it,” says Mohamed.

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