Warmongering first, French sailors´ lives a poor second

This 11 April 2020 video from Britain says about itself:

Is Piers Morgan right about coronavirus and the Iraq war?

Piers Morgan speaks to talkRADIO’s Kevin O’Sullivan and says “the UK already has the fifth-highest death toll in the world” and suggests on the current trajectory, “we may end up with 40% in the UK of all European deaths.”

Piers thinks heads will need to roll across the board over the coronavirus outbreak “the government was taking advice from people that was clearly wrong.”

He adds that “we were very complacent in the first six weeks of this from the middle of January when the World Health Organisation first said this had the potential to be a global pandemic.” Piers is unhappy with government efforts to battle coronavirus: “The UK is in a lot of trouble…we are playing catch up, we are sending NHS staff into battle with their hands behind their back not properly protected.”

Piers Morgan highlighted the importance of holding the government to account because: “During the Iraq war I took a position of challenging the government intelligence on weapons of mass destruction. We didn’t think that it met the criteria of evidence to justify war, and we thought that it was illegal for us to then go to war without a UN second resolution.”

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Over 1000 crew members infected on French aircraft carrier

About 40 percent of the crew of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle are infected with the coronavirus, authorities have announced. This concerns over 1000 of the 2300 crew members. Several dozen sailors are in hospital, one of whom is in intensive care. It had already been announced earlier this week that many crew members were ill, but the number of infections detected is still increasing.

The Charles de Gaulle returned to its homeport in Toulon, South France, on Sunday, two weeks ahead of schedule. …

At the end of March, the aircraft carrier made a stopover in Brest, on the French west coast. French broadcaster France Bleu quotes a sailor who wants to remain anonymous: “The armed forces played with our lives.” According to him, some crew members already showed symptoms of the coronavirus in Brest.

The Charles de Gaulle left for the Eastern Mediterranean in January to support French military operations against Islamic militants

Really against ISIS? Or for (French corporation Total) oil?

in Iraq and Syria. Then it sailed to the Atlantic and Baltic Sea for war games.

6 thoughts on “Warmongering first, French sailors´ lives a poor second

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  2. The only major journalist in Britain that is challenging this inept government. Why is it that we have to watch U.S. broadcasts to get any information at all on the Covid situation? Needless to say, the likes of Laura Kuenssberg, for all her millions in pay, wouldn’t last five seconds in American. Where do these British snowflakes come from? In fact, it was a female journalist that finally told, and got, Trump to shut up and listen to reason — at his own briefing conference!!


    • You are right about most British media being uncritical about the government.

      However, the situation in the USA is not that good either. The Murdoch media in the USA support Trump. Other corporate media, like MSNBC and the New York Times, may be critical of Trump as a person. But not critical about the military-industrial complex, the CIA, Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon and the Washington Post) etc.


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