Trump ambassador warmongering at racist party conference

This September 2017 Dutch video clip from a radio debate says (translated): ‘I want white supremacy and culture to stay as it is in Europe’; the racism of [FvD leader Thierry] Baudet and the FvD [political party].

Dutch NOS TV reports today that Pete Hoekstra, the ambassador of United States President Donald Trump to the Netherlands, was one of the speakers at the conference of the far-right FvD party.

The inspiration for FvD party leader Thierry Baudet are United States neo-nazi Jared Taylor and French Holocaust denialist Jean-Marie Le Pen.

In his speech, Hoekstra said (once again) that Dutch taxpayers should pay more on bloody wars … sorry, Hoekstra used the euphemism ‘defence’. Against Russia and China, which are so dangerous, he said. Baudet reacted that, as far as that depends on FvD, the Netherlands would obey the Trump administration.

Hoekstra ‘got a long applause when he called himself the representative of his president, Donald Trump‘.

Translated from the NOS report:

FvD MEP Rob Roos spoke out unambiguously for a departure from the Netherlands from the European Union. …

This was in contrast to another speaker, the Belgian [Dutch speaking right-wing] politician Theo Francken from N-VA. “It would hurt me terribly if the Netherlands would leave the EU. And I don’t know if it’s the solution to migration problems“, he said. …

A few months ago, FvD co-founder Henk Otten split off after a fight with Baudet. He took two senators along to his Otten Group and a number of FvD members in various provincial assemblies also opted for Otten.

Thierry Baudet’s private bodyguards’ violence against peaceful anti-fascist: here.

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