Pro-climate march in Dutch Nijmegen

Nijmegen climate march today, photo by Omroep Gelderland

This photo is about the pro-climate march in Nijmegen in the Netherlands today. The banner mentions the 10 March 2019 national demonstration against climate change in Amsterdam, starting 13:00 uur on the Dam square.

Translated from Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep Gelderland today:

NIJMEGEN – Following the climate march by high school students in The Hague last week, university students have now also taken to the streets. …

The pupils who rallied en masse in The Hague last week were a great source of inspiration. ‘But it’s the same with university students, and it’s all about our future‘, he [organiser Olaf Kemerink] explains. ‘That is why we will be marching on the streets with both university students and high school students next week.’

‘Keep the pressure on’

Kemerink sees that the march in The Hague has brought about something, but according to him it is not enough yet. “[Prime Minister] Rutte is moving somewhat and he has spoken with the initiators of the protest in The Hague, but actually little is still happening. That’s why we have to keep the pressure on now”, he explains this Thursday’s march and next week’s march.

7 thoughts on “Pro-climate march in Dutch Nijmegen

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