Biggest ever pro-climate demonstration in Brussels, Belgium

This Dutch language video is about the 17 January 2019 high school striking students march in Brussels, Belgium. Then, there were over 12,000 demonstrators.

A week later it was over 35,000 striking demonstrators.

This video is about that 24 January 2019 demonstration in Brussels.

So is this video.

And today, 27 January 2019, there was the biggest pro-climate demonstration ever in Brussels: over 70,000 people! Not just students this time; all age groups.

This 27 January 2019 video shows many pro-climate demonstrators arriving in Brussels, in spite of the rain. The Belgian railways had trouble transporting so many people to Brussels.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Some 70,000 people participated in the climate march through the streets of Brussels. In Belgium there are regularly demonstrations demanding climate measures, but never have so many people joined them. The organization counted on 30,000 people.

The fact that many more people have come to Brussels shows, according to the organization, that many Belgians believe that the government is not taking the climate problem seriously.

On Thursday, 35,000 high school students marched through the Belgian capital to draw attention to climate change. There was a lot of criticism because supposedly for the pupils it was just truancy.

According to NOS correspondent Thomas Spekschoor, many pupils were marching again today. “They wanted to show that they really mean it and that the strike was primarily meant to attract extra attention.

On banners, the demonstrators, eg, criticized the Flemish Minister for the Environment Joke Schauvliege, who does not participate in the march: ‘Joke is a joke’ [in English], writes one of the demonstrators.

Ms Schauvliege belongs to the conservative ‘Christian Democrat’ party.

This video from France calls for a pro-climate march in La Rochelle city. With the slogan also seen in self-made signs in Brussels today: ‘Let us change the system; not the climate’.

This video is about an 18 January 2019 pro-climate march of 10,000 striking students in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This video shows a September 2018 pro-climate march in Marrakech, Morocco.

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