Goldcrest, grey heron, roe deer, poetry, snow

This video about the Oude Buisse Heide is from September 2013, when the heather flowered.

Still 23 January 2019 at Oude Buisse Heide nature reserve.

After 22 January 2019 came our 23 January 2019 walk.

We walked again through the snow along the poetry footpath; signs with poems by Henriette Roland Holst besides it.

A goldcrest flying from branch to branch.

This video says about itself:

A male goldcrest singing, you can tell it’s a male by the crown showing a deep orange flash when it is raised. The song is so high-pitched that some people find it difficult to hear, it’s also not easy to keep up with when filming this fast-moving little bird which is recognised as Britain’s smallest bird.

A grey heron stands on a snowy footpath.

Branches and snow, 23 January 2019

Also much snow on branches.

Leaves, 23 January 2019

Also still some leaves.

A jay flying.

Roe deer footprints in the snow.

Turfvaart, 23 January 2019

We continued to the Turfvaart. This canal used to be for transport of peat by boats.

Robin, 23 January 2019

This robin sat down on barbed wire near the Turfvaart.

Great tits, 23 January 2019

We were almost back at where we had started. Near the Angora farm were many feeders, which attracted great tits, blue tits and, below the feeders, robins and chaffinches.

Great tit female, 23 January 2019

Also near the atelier of Henriette Roland Holst and her visual artist husband there was a feeder, which attracted birds like this female great tit.

Great tit male, 23 January 2019

And this male great tit.

Robin, on 23 January 2019

And this robin.

Feeder, 23 January 2019

On this photo, a blue tit feeds, while two great tits await their turn.

Stay tuned for more from the Oude Buisse Heide!

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