Poetess Henriette Roland Holst died sixty years ago

This is a video from Noordwijk, the Netherlands, where poetess Henriette Roland Holst was born in 1869. The video, from October 2012, shows the start of an exhibition commemorating her.

Translated from Dutch conservation organization Natuurmonumenten, about their nature reserve Oude Buisse Heide:

Sixty years after the death of Henriette Roland Holst, ‘The Netherlands’ greatest poetess’, the Vincent van Gogh House and Natuurmonumenten are organizing in 2012 a special Roland Holst Year.

During walking, cycling and other activities, we will take you to the stories and poems of the special couple Roland Holst. A unique look at the rich cultural history of the area!

The year is almost over now.

But poems of Henriette Roland Holst which I have translated into English are still here and here; and will continue to be there in 2013.

Henriette Roland Holst translated the socialist song, the International, into Dutch.

She fought for women’s rights. She fought against wars, from World War I till the Korean war which raged when she died in 1952.

After Vincent van Gogh died penniless, Henriette’s husband, visual artist Richard Roland Holst, was one of the first promoters of Van Gogh’s art. Richard’s studio is still at the Oude Buisse Heide. Margaret Staal-Kropholler, the first female architect in the Netherlands, designed it in 1918.

When Richard died, Henriette Roland Holst inherited the Oude Buisse Heide. An ardent conservationist, her will made Natuurmonumenten the heirs of this nature reserve.

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