Belgian students pro-climate strike growing

This 24 January 2019 video is called Brussels Climate Protests – 32,000 secondary students – Brussels, Belgium 24/01/2019.

32,000 is too low an estimate for this movement today. Which started with 4,000 striking students, then first grew to over 12,500 last week.

According to this French language Euronews video today, it was 35,000.

Dutch NOS TV correspondents Tijn Sadée and Bijou van der Borst report today (translated):

Climate truants break record: 35,000 students demonstrate in Brussels

“Tous ensemble!” [All together!] More than 35,000 climate truants shout it in Brussels. They break their record. It is the third Thursday in a row that pupils take to the streets to demand a more ambitious climate policy. Last week they were 12,500. This time, more and more French-speaking students are joining [the first two demonstrations were mainly Dutch speakers].

The movement does not seem to stop anymore. Now it is mainly high school students, but the higher education students will also come next week. In Belgium, universities and higher professional education institutions now have examinations. The higher education students now still stay at home to study, but they have already announced that they would be present next week.

“I prefer men with a small ecological footprint”, “There is no economy on a dead planet“, the most creative slogans pass by in the march, which once again moves from the Central Station to the European Union District.

School managements do not know what to do with the movement. Some punish severely, others come to the conclusion that punishment does not work. “Pupils want penalties for this, it’s about the rebellious action, and when schools legalize it is no longer a protest”, says Johanna VandenBussche, a teacher from Ghent.


At the gate of the Royal Atheneum Etterbeek the school management counts the demonstrators. Around three hundred pupils will have detention after Wednesday afternoon between 13.00 and 15.00. “We support the climate action, but not the one today, and they miss the same lesson every Thursday”, says Sophie Allein, deputy director of the school.

With hands in their pockets, older people look from the sidewalk to the chanting demonstrators. They nod with understanding and guilt. They are the generation that the young people protest against.

“Do you blame me and my generation?” asks NOS correspondent Tijn Sadée. “No, you did not notice it, right?” says a student.

Most people of Mr Sadée’s generation indeed did not know. However, Shell and other Big Oil corporations then already knew a lot about climate change; and covered it up.

See also here.

Over 3400 Belgian scientists support striking pro-climate students: here.

This 17 January 2019 video says about itself:


This video from England is called Oxford Climate Strike January 2019.

TECH GIANTS PUSHING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL EVENT Google, Facebook, and Microsoft sponsored a conference that promoted climate change denial to young libertarians. [HuffPost]

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