Dutch right-wingers sabotage local pro-climate measures

This 2 June 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Donald Trump Believes Climate Change Is A Hoax | All In | MSNBC

He’s said so over and over. And no matter how many times reporters ask, his administration won’t say otherwise.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:


A pro-Big Business party; the biggest party in the Dutch four party right-wing national government coalition.

quits local government coalition in Rijswijk because of climate measures

The VVD in Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland province, has quitted the coalition because of climate measures. Coalition partners GroenLinks and WIJ.Rijswijk want the plans to be adopted quickly in the local council, but the VVD thinks that is too fast.

According to the VVD, quiet and reflection are necessary. The party wants to wait for the national political decisions about the climate agreement …

Yeah right. And the VVD and other right-wingers at the national political level will say: ‘We should not do anything about the climate at the Dutch level. We should wait for the European Union to do something.’ And then, right-wingers in the European Union will say: ‘We should not do anything about the climate as European Union. We should wait for NATO to do something.’

And then, the most powerful politician in NATO, ‘the leader of the Free World’, United States President Donald Trump will say, as he says usually: ‘Climate change is a Chinese communist hoax.’ Which does not stop Mr Trump from protecting his golf course against rising sea levels caused by supposedly non-existent climate change.

“The VVD in Rijswijk is of the opinion that something has to be done on the climate issue, but in a responsible way … not anticipating national decisions.

The VVD has one alderman in Rijswijk, Jorke van der Pol. He will offers his resignation in the local council tomorrow night. The coalition now consists of GroenLinks, Wij.Rijswijk and D66. These parties do not have a majority in the Rijswijk city council.

Dutch CDA party sabotage of climate measures: here.

5 thoughts on “Dutch right-wingers sabotage local pro-climate measures

  1. As long as climate change is a political issue nothing much will happen in measures. The right-wing parties and the left-wing parties will try to win votes and influence with the issue. The issue has to left the political theater and become what it is to most scientist: a fact. Accept it and take appropiate steps to avoid disaster in the near future.


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