Dutch students’ pro-climate strike news

Striking students on the Malieveld

Meanwhile, thousands of Dutch striking pro-climate students have arrived at the Malieveld in The Hague, as this Omroep West photo shows.

There is a live feed here.

This tweet says that the striking students are on their way, but that the trains are very crowded. And that the FNV trade union federation wishes the strikers success. They hope the students will also join the pro-climate demonstration on 10 March in Amsterdam.

This is a tweet by a reporter from Utrecht central station. She tweets that the trains are so full that she fears that she will have to wait for three more trains before she will be able to board.

Other tweets also show Dutch striking high school students, on their way to the big pro-climate march in The Hague today.

The slogan on this cardboard sign says, translated from Latin: Oh what times! Oh what customs! It is a quote from ancient Roman politician Cicero.

4 thoughts on “Dutch students’ pro-climate strike news

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