Dutch students’ pro-climate strike, The Hague, elsewhere

Today, there is a big pro-climate march in The Hague in the Netherlands, mainly by striking high school students. As this 7 February 2019 video shows, it is not just The Hague, and not just high school students. The video shows primary school pupils in Wageningen town, shouting: We are sick [of the government’s lack of action], save the environment! The pupils had marched from their school to Wageningen town hall.

In Zutphen, also in Gelderland province, three schools went on strike and marched there.

Also in The Hague, there were a few primary school pupils among the striking high school students. This tweet is by primary school ten-year-old pupil Lilly Platt, who has been striking for a better climate policy for weeks, and came to The Hague today.

This demonstrator’s sign claims that the present Dutch right-wing government (cabinet) is worse than the cabinets at IKEA.

More The Hague demonstration photos are here.

This tweet is about the start of the The Hague march.

The police said that there were so many demonstrators that they stopped some students from leaving the Malieveld.

It is estimated there were 30,000 demonstrators in The Hague. A organiser called on the students to strike again next Thursday, 14 February.

Some grandparents had joined the striking students in the train from Utrecht. ‘We should look out that politicians are not too close to big corporations‘.

This tweet shows a crowded train at Utrecht central station.

This tweet is from the Malieveld in The Hague.

Oeganiser Dilan said: ‘It went much better than expected. There were many more people.’ When asked what he does himself for a better climate, he said: ‘I separate my waste and always go by bike, but it’s not about small things anymore, it’s about big things now’.

Also in Groningen city today, there was a pro-climate march by hundreds of striking students.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, corporate censors smear pro-climate activists as ‘tools of Russia‘.

2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record, and it’s getting even hotter. As warmer temperatures mess with global rainfall patterns, the U.S. East saw record rains. By Jeremy Rehm, 6:48pm, February 6, 2019.

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