Big Dutch strike against education austerity

This 15 March 2019 Dutch video is about over 40,000 people demonstrating yesterday, in spite of storm and rain, on the Malieveld in The Hague.

They were teachers on general strike. Not just striking primary school teachers and secondary school teachers; also university teachers. And students as well.

In this video, students explain why they support the striking teachers.

And parents.

On this video, Jeroen de Glas, father of schoolchildren, addresses the rally.

This video shows Mr De Glas’ complete speech.

This is another video on the The Hague rally.

And yet another video.

And another one.

They protested against the right-wing government‘s cuts on education leading to overworked teachers.

The government claimed yesterday that they cannot spend more on education as they also have to spend on defence wars.

This is another video on the 15 March protest. It starts with a teacher with a sign depicting right-wing Prime Minister Rutte with a dunce cap on his head.

Another sign says: Are only rich people allowed to become smart?

The Hague was not the only education protest yesterday. This video is about Gorinchem town.

3 thoughts on “Big Dutch strike against education austerity

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  2. First-ever strike by Dutch youth care workers

    Around 30,000 Dutch workers offering care and support to youth and young people went on strike Monday. This marked the first-ever national strike by this group of workers.

    The FNV and CNV union members are protesting heavy workloads resulting from staff shortages. Youth services have been the responsibility of Dutch municipal authorities since 2015. Previously, they were administered by the central government.

    The association representing Dutch municipalities, VNG, says they are being asked to meet the needs of growing numbers of youth while at the same time having their budgets cut. Last year, the youth care services had to deal with nearly half a million referrals.


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