Students’ climate strike worldwide, 15 March

This 8 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

March 15: Youth Climate Strike

“Just make a sign and go protest”, says Alexandria Villasenor.

On March 15, tens of thousands of kids around the world will be skipping school to fight for their futures.

Learn more at:

Special thanks to Greenpeace for additional footage.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Monday, 11 March 2019

World-wide youth strike March 15th

TENS of thousands of school students around the world are set to walk out of their schools again to join the world-wide ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’ action day this Friday, 15th March.

The first mass walkout, on Friday 15th February, saw an estimated 15,000 schoolchildren go on strike in Britain, along with many thousands around the world.

Students attended strike rallies and demonstrations in more than 64 towns and cities around the UK and the coming event is expected to be bigger than the previous demonstration.

A statement from Youth Strike 4 Climate said: ‘Young people are determined to highlight the need for positive change to avert impending climate breakdown.

‘This lack of leadership has been reinforced after only a handful of MPs attended the first climate change debate held in the Commons in two years, attracting widespread criticism.’

A new comprehensive study of climate change has painted over 5 million pictures of humanity’s potential future, and few foretell an Earth that has not severely warmed. But with immediate action and some luck, there are pathways to a tolerable climate future, according to a research team: here.

12 thoughts on “Students’ climate strike worldwide, 15 March

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  3. LCV


    The Trump administration is assembling a climate denial panel to discredit critical science and limit action on climate change. We need to rise up to stop this dangerous agenda — can you add your name now?


    NO TIME TO WASTE: Trump just created a sham panel of climate change deniers to attack and undermine climate science. Climate champions in the Senate are fighting back but we need more onboard. Tell your senator to join the fight »

    I’m horrified.

    Droughts, wildfires, extreme storms — right now, people across the country are suffering from the impacts of climate change. Yet Trump just created a presidential panel designed to undermine and deny climate change.

    Trump doesn’t believe climate scientists — even those in his own administration — so he put together this sham panel to “investigate” climate science. We see it for what it is: The “Presidential Committee on Climate Security” is an attempt to mislead the public about the real and pressing impacts that climate change has on our communities — especially communities of color and low-income communities that are hit first and worst by the climate crisis.

    But, there’s good news, Lola. Senate Minority Leader Schumer, Senator Carper, and Senator Reed just introduced a bill in the Senate to stop Trump from using any government funding for this bogus panel. That’s where you come in: We’re building a movement to get the entire Senate to co-sponsor this legislation and block Trump from using our taxpayer dollars to attack science. Help us send the message loud and clear to the Senate: Stop the Trump administration from spreading lies and doubt about climate science with this panel.

    We deserve science, not silence. Our senators CAN stop Trump’s climate denial panel in its tracks, but they need to know you’re with them. Speak out now. GOAL: 30,000 LCV supporters »

    Now is not the time to stall climate action: Late last year, the National Climate Assessment made it clear that if we don’t cut carbon emissions now, we are going to face food shortages, droughts, wildfires, eroding coastlines, and severe poverty. While Trump may choose not to believe this overwhelming evidence, dedicated LCV members like you know that it’s now or never to change the course of climate change.

    What’s more, by continuing to limit action on climate change, communities on the frontlines of climate impacts, especially communities of color and low-income communities, will face even more devastating impacts. The fact that these communities will disproportionately bear the brunt of the climate crisis is the product of deeply rooted environmental injustices and we cannot allow these inequities to be exacerbated by denial and suppression of science.

    We cannot stay silent as Trump attempts to use our taxpayer dollars to fund his fake climate science panel. Our climate champions in the Senate are working around the clock to pass legislation that would put a wrench in Trump’s anti-science agenda, but we need more senators onboard — and that won’t happen unless they hear from their constituents. Can you take just 2 minutes out of your day to speak in support of climate science?

    There’s not a moment to wait, Lola. Send an urgent message to your senators and demand that they join the fight to stop Trump’s climate denial panel »

    Thank you for joining the fight.

    Brooke Still
    Director of Digital Strategy
    League of Conservation Voters

    740 15th St NW, 7th Floor
    Washington, DC 20005


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