Dutch student pro-climate marches will continue

This video is about the big Dutch high school students’ pro-climate march in The Hague of 7 February 2019.

So is this video.

So is this video.

This video is by a Dutch teenage vlogger who participated in the The Hague march.

Dutch daily Metro, 8 December 2019, page 2, reported that the pro-climate strikes will continue; maybe again with national demonstrations in the Hague, maybe in towns all over the Netherlands.

The organisers in a speech at the demonstration said that the Dutch government for years ‘has being doing fuck all against climate change. The Dutch government pretends to be very sustainable but that is not true.’

The Hague climate demonstration, ANP photo

The Netherlands, worst European country in reaching 2020 climate goals: here.

6 thoughts on “Dutch student pro-climate marches will continue

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