Tony Blair’s money for peerages scandal

Blair's cash for honours scandal, cartoon

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland in Britain:

Britain’s cash for honours scandal nears end game

17 February 2007

The police investigation into the cash for honours scandal is nearing completion with reports that Scotland Yard has handed over files to the Crown Prosecution Service, the body that determines whether criminal charges will be brought.

Whatever comes of the investigation, it has been a remarkable affair.

The past month has witnessed the questioning of Prime Minister Tony Blair for a second time by police and comparisons with Watergate, accompanied by a demand for Blair to “go now” from Conservative leader David Cameron.

Newspapers also speculated on whether there would be a move by the cabinet to force Blair’s resignation.

The Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard have asserted that, based on leaks from within the investigation, charges will be brought against Labour’s chief fundraiser Lord Levy, Number 10 adviser Ruth Turner and Blair’s Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell.

Levy and Turner have both been questioned under caution, not only with respect to the original allegations of selling peerages in the House of Lords in return for loans, but with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

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